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         MetaOracle first started doing business in 2001, with the aim of tapping the immense amount of information available online to provide top quality research. While MetaOracle uses traditional research tools, from the library to the telephone, I believe that the internet has vastly improved the effectiveness of a researcher.

         MetaOracle conducts searches that go far deeper than a standard Google search would allow. I have experience accessing the 'deep web', which is inaccessible from search engines and is estimated to be as much as 500 times the size of the internet indexed by sites like Google. I also have experience in finding information through other sources like the library, trade publications, or by directly contacting the people who have the information my clients need.

         I can also conduct primary research, and have experience both with research design and conducting surveys, interviews, and other forms of research. I can research what methodology is most effective for answering a certain question and then design and carry out the study. I have used these approaches for projects like researching the potential for a new business, figuring out what advertising strategies will be the most effective, or seeing if certain businesses would be interested in a specific product.

         MetaOracle is a 'generalist' research company - I seek to be a 'jack-of-all-trades' which knows a little bit about everything. I believe that this makes for effective research, as it leads to more comprehensive results and detection of issues that might otherwise be missed. While I take this generalist approach I do have particular areas of specialization - technology, law, marketing, and the social sciences.

         The name 'MetaOracle' refers to a meta-level Oracle. The Oracle of Delphi was a great source of wisdom in the classic world. The term meta means 'the level beyond', or in this case, something applied to itself. So the MetaOracle is an Oracle about Oracles, a Sage about Sages, an expert on the expertise of others.

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Dylan Kyle, BA, MA